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Caprica V-Club
Skywarn Russia VR office
Caprica roof openstage
Caprica adult areas
Caprica City main store
Touche Dance Radio VR Office
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“Caprica Pavilion” futuristic architecture project

“Caprica Pavilion” futuristic architecture project

Futuristic architectural complex for...

Caprica Grid night clubs

Caprica Grid night clubs

Come with friends to relax with...

Caprica Grid parks and gardens

Caprica Grid parks and gardens

In Caprica City there are many...

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On any operating system

The client for the Opensimulator server is available for all operating systems, including Android. Simply download the one you need, register a Caprica grid and enjoy thousands of virtual worlds.
Download viewer

Download viewer

In order to explore the virtual worlds of Caprica, you need to download a client that is compatible with your operating system. A viewer is a...

Add Caprica Grid

Add Caprica Grid

The next step is to add the address of the Caprica Hypergrid to your client. It’s...

Login and enjoy!

Login and enjoy!

Finally, log in to the Capric grid and enjoy the thousands of virtual worlds available with one click! Enter your login exactly as you registered...

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We speak clear language. You need our assistance - we happily help you. Use comments to ask questions, and Ticket System to get any help with Caprica grid.
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We have gathered only the best web professionals
Athena Cylon
Athena Cylon
Secret Service  ...
Caprica Cylon
Caprica Cylon
Grid Administrator, PR, Management
Soul, muse, goddess of our grid  ...
Sam Adama
Sam Adama
Full Stack Developer
Hardcore Developer...

What people say about us

So relaxing and peaceful.

Pride Vice

On a new note I just have to say that this is indeed a very clean environment and a well ran grid.


you must come and enjoy shopping 🙂


One of the best I've been to.


Awesome Grid!

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