For grids listed below access to Caprica Hypergrid servers is prohibited. In these grids distribution of “Caprica Design” products and “TDR” streams is prohibited. Having an avatar in the listed grids, you can’t access our servers, markets and other services of “Studio One”, “Caprica Design” and TDR.
Grid nameLock durationReason for blocking
SacrariumForeverUnethical behavior of the administration, harassment of users, disclosure of personal information, blackmail, theft, insults, spam, pedophilia.
CraftWorldTemporarySpam, Bots
Soul-GridForeverRelationship with the Sacrarium
AvitronForeverRelationship with the Sacrarium
virtual-worlds.zoneForeverRelationship with the Sacrarium
twistedgrid.xyzForeverRelationship with the Sacrarium
continuum.outworldz.netForeverRelationship with the Sacrarium
grid-greeklife.comForeverRelationship with the Sacrarium
soul-grid.deForeverRelationship with the Sacrarium
little-breath.clubForeverRelationship with the Sacrarium
virtual-worlds.zoneForeverRelationship with the Sacrarium
login.twistedgrid.xyzForeverRelationship with the Sacrarium
gbg-world.cloudForeverRelationship with the Sacrarium with the Sacrarium

Access to Caprica Grid web services from the following countries is prohibited:

Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Romania, Ukraine

This list will be supplemented as necessary to ensure the security of our servers.


The information below should be taken into consideration by all grid owners and regions. Listed below are the data of users who own children’s avatars.
Avatar nameAvatar IDReason for blockingLock durationBan date
Amanda.Bosco @grid. kitely. com: 8002454908a4-66a4-4c29-xxxx-2b7f1fede2fbChild avatarforever2019-11-06
Sia.LoveJoy @ avatarforever2021-04-09
Elizabeth.Porter avatarforever2019-30-07
Lisa.Cutie @hg.metro.land67fabcb0-6b24-4043-xxxx-4d244e407b8eChild avatarforever2021-08-06
tiffany.leland @hg.metro.land3e8dca88-8a73-4524-xxxx-9b57d00d0a08Child avatarforever2021-30-08
Typhaine.Artez behaviorforever2021-06-03