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Do you need your own unique object for your virtual world? Perhaps it will be a nightclub or a exclusive original house, which is nowhere to be found and it will be in a single copy? Or do you want a unique accessory for your avatar or item of clothing? Mesh landscapes, buildings, engineering structures, accessories, details of decor, interior or outdoor equipment, and even three-dimensional posters for your events and raster products. All this and much more for your virtual space you can order from us right now. Contact us and write what object you want to order in “Caprica Design”.
Any object according to your sketch or drawing will be executed in the highest quality by professional designers of “Caprica Design”.
You can sell the object you ordered in any of the virtual markets for your price. He is wholly yours.
Do not waste time, contact us right now and we will realize your dream.

Custom 3d model or graphics request

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