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In your land or region, you will probably want to build your own nightclub or make a permanent radio for your visitors. With our streaming server service, you can provide your avatars with your own streaming streams, and the disk jockey will be able to connect to your streams and play music for your guests online. You can deploy your own radio with scheduled playlists. We will install, set up a complete radio or streaming server for you. Nothing is better than your own. You can plan playlists, music, connect DJs when you need it.

Contact us right now, and the next day you will have a full-fledged radio or stream server at your disposal.
If you do not need a full-fledged radio server, our studio will provide you with a stream of 64-320 kbps, with an unlimited number of listeners for only $ 2 a month.


TDR stream

$3.00 / month

TDR streams

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TDR audio stream access

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