Private grid

Enjoy your Virtual Life with yours, and only yours Private Grid!

There is nothing better than being a full-fledged owner of your own home. For your freedom, we will build you a whole grid. Possessing a hypergrid is much more profitable than leasing land. You can create your own regions, sell land, build without restrictions. Travel without limits. To create a business or just to lead a private life according to your rules.

Having a private grid you can create any number of avatars, build objects as you like. Build relationships with other grids.

We create a turnkey grid. Starting with the creation of a server based on the Linux operating system, and ending with full maintenance, and priority customer support.

You do not have to take care of the performance of your grid: we will do it for you.

Our monitoring and automation system will in a timely manner take over part of the maintenance work, backing up regions and inventory. Linux provides incomparably more grid maintenance capabilities than other operating systems. We can do more, in less time, and more efficiently than other grid owners.

Your grid will be equipped with our basic package of services: voice chat, automatic backup of regions and equipment to cloud storage, hypergrid mode (or standalone at will), virtual currency if you wish, “god” mode for you and your managers.

Try creating your own hypergrid right now. Contact us with questions, we will answer you to any of your request.


Feel free to use our contact form to order services for you.


Address Germany
We are open 24/7
Phone live:touche_46

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